Black Founders Ecom Pledge Launches To Provide Black-owned Businesses eCommerce Solutions

Innovative eCommerce ecosystem, Black Founders Ecom Pledge, officially launches to provide black-owned businesses and future founders with equitable access to tools and resources for growth

Tiffany Johnson, the Creator of Amazon’s $150M Black Business Accelerator and Founder of Built For Launch, is again looking to push boundaries in the online business space with the launch of The Black Founders Ecom Pledge. The program was initiated as an invitation for the entire ecosystem of eCommerce solutions, focusing on black entrepreneurs to help them build and grow eCommerce businesses.

The internet has undoubtedly changed the way businesses engage their customers. The increasing popularity of the global online retail market has further substantiated this claim. A recent report published by Grand View Research put the size of the global e-commerce market at $10.36 trillion. Experts also projected the market size to hit $ 27.15 trillion, driven by increasing penetration of the internet and the use of smart mobile devices. Despite the amazing figures from the industry, black-owned businesses continued to be sidelined. However, the team at Black Founders Ecom Pledge, led by the award-winning entrepreneur and strategist, Tiffany Johnson, looks set to change this narrative to propel black-owned businesses and future founders to success.

Tiffany aims to leverage her years of experience and expertise as an entrepreneur and strategist to help struggling business owners take advantage of the power of the internet to grow their brands. Known as the Black Woman behind the Amazon's $150M Black Business Accelerator in 2020, Tiffany Johnson has been able to help black business owners succeed as selling partners in Amazon’s store. The $150 million pledge explicitly targets barriers to access, opportunity, and advancement created by systemic racism across America, providing resources such as capital, mentorship, and marketing support to black entrepreneurs.

Interested applicants to the Black Founders Ecom Pledge must reside in the United States and identify as Black or African American with an eCommerce business or in the process of starting one. The initiative will also serve as a platform for solution providers who take the pledge to reach their target audience as they will be listed on the Black Founders Ecom Pledge Landing page, along with their company description, logo, description of benefit, and application process.

For further information about the Black Founders Ecom Pledge and how to be a part of the revolutionary initiative, visit – .